I am one if those lucky women take have long recoveries after giving birth! Csection with first took forever to heal, then home/natural birth has taken a long time. I am 4 months postpartum and still not 100 percent recovered yet…ugh. It has been tough but hopefully I can see the end in sight. I envy those who can get right up and exercise the week after giving birth…amazing…will never experience that:(

S is so fun right now. She is giggling, laughing, cooing, and full if smiles. I did get lucky in having a laid back, fun-loving, super easy baby. Guess I got something easy! Having two little ones is tough. I don’t see how moms of 4 or 5 do it. I am exhausted with two and can barely have time to pee! I hear it gets better but not too sure.  Guess one of us needs to get fixed bc I think two is all we can handle. I think my body is done…


c hates to have his diaper changed! it is a daily battle. So, today when i noticed a strong odor coming from C’s bottom, I asked him when he would like me to change him. He said “on Saturday!” It was Monday!!!  I just love the minds of two year olds:) usually he says, I didn’t poop, mom…just fart! I always laugh then check his pants bc he usually pooped!